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JoJohn Hurt Environmental provides a comprehensive range of services to all our customers. Covering a wide area from Dundalk to Dublin to Donegal. All of our services are available 24hr a day, when you need it most.
Our services include:

  • Drain Cleaning

  • Drain Unblocking

  • Drain Cleaning

  • Drain Clearing

  • Septic Tank Cleaning

  • Septic Tank Draining

We have over a decade of experience and a strong reputation for the quality of our workmanship. Our dedication to customer care is extraordinary. The team at John Hurt Environmental have been trained to meet all Water Research Commission standards, guaranteeing the quality of our work. We understand that issues can arise at any time and be a major disruption at home or at work, as such, we serve you 24/7 in order to facilitate emergency call-outs.

John Hurt Environmental Services was established in early 2017 by John Hurt. Having over a decade of experience and working directly with customers, John has learnt exactly what the needs of customer actually are in the industry. John Hurt Environmental Services use state of the art machinery producing quality results, IPPC, FOG and T I C, GM RPM, property maintenance and management. Our Jetvac system allows us to look after narrow access works with the same combined power as a large sized unit. this unit serves our client with Septic Tank Cleaning, Gully Cleaning, Tank and Bund Cleaning and loads more...

John Hurt Environmental Services is a professional environmental company serving domestic, commercial and industrial clients Nationwide. All of our materials and engineers are fully approved.


Our services

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Drain Cleaning /Unblocking

We offer a complete drain cleaning and unblocking service available 24/7, We use units from van sized to lorry size. John Hurt Environmental combine our expert knowledge and experience to deliver a fast and efficient service that is second to none. Our customers regularly comment on the speed at which we respond and the quality in which we complete our work, which is done without fail this time and every time.

Free call-out service for our drain cleaning services

CCTV Inspections

John Hurt Environmental use cutting edge CCTV equipment in order to provide a thorough inspection of all drainage networks or simply 1 individual house pipe. In our dedication to innovation and customer service we continuously stay abreast of the latest drain inspection technologies & training to ensure you get that professional result. Upon completion, a member of our skilled team can provide a WRC report clearly outlining our findings and the conclusions we have drawn. our Drain Survey Service includes Mapping with AutoCAD. Ask us today how we can assist you with the inspection of what may lie beneath!

We offer CCTV inspection at no extra cost whilst on site. No Hidden Charges Guaranteed!

Preventative Maintenance

We complete preventative maintenance works on all types of drains from sink drains, urinals to rain gullies & chambers.. We offer packages to suit a variety of specifications and budgets. Maintenance works are recommended in order to keep your drains working properly and prevent potential and costly issues from arising. Our maintenance service is fast and efficient and can be completed at a time to suit you & your business.

Our preventative maintenance services saves you money on unwanted callouts! Contact us now to obtain a free site visit and quote.

Drain Repairs Using No-Dig Technology

In cases where drain repair works are required John Hurt Environmental utilise our innovative no-dig technology which allows us to complete all repair works without digging. No disruption to business hours, pedestrian walkways landscaped gardens or finished driveways. The use of no-dig technology saves thousands on costs and produces quality guaranteed results.
So if you have defective areas of pipes, manholes, sumps, chambers etc.. Contact John Hurt Environmental for a free no obligation quote.

Drain Repairs Using No-Dig Technology

RAT Problems Solved!

We offer a number of solutions to Vermin issues, should you have vermin issues contact our team today, we will understand and work with you to rectify vermin and remove them from your home, we supply and install Ratflap Units

If you require that professional drainage solution, contact John Hurt Environmental now. Fully registered, Fully Insured. The drainage company you can Trust.

Other services

Jetting and Septic Tank Cleaning

Our Vacuum systems can complete works requiring vacuum in areas such as tanks, septic tanks, gullies, sumps and bungs. Our jetting system with higher pressure allows us complete the jetting clean of pipes systems for CCTV access and de-silting of pipelines, septic tanks, grease traps, chambers, silt traps, gullies all of which are just some of the areas we vacuum and jet.

For more information or to obtain a free quote, call John Hurt Environmental Services now.

Grease Management

John Hurt Environmental Services have recently teamed up with ACO in the UK to supply, fit and maintain all grease management systems in Ireland. Grease management is a major issue in Ireland. These units separate fats, oils and grease from waste water, giving the results of no more blockages in pipes caused by FOG.

Contact us for more Information.

Site Tracing and Mapping

Site tracing and mapping is carried out to verify the existing location of your waste water network and drainage system. This information is then used to design a site plan. This is done when someone is planning to build an extension or even for pre tender verification. Once complete we will then provide you with a set of drawings to show the path of your drains and pipes.

For more information call John Hurt Environmental Services today.

Pipeline Inspection and Repair

John Hurt Environmental Services can repair your pipe if it's damaged or in need of repair, where it shows leaking or open joints, root intrusions, etc. In order to find the fault, we will run a CCTV survey to locate the precise area that's damaged and then get our in pipe specialist to install a part liner/patch to resolve the issue without disturbing the ground. This solution is acceptable to all local authorities, surveyors, architects, civil engineers and all other professional services.

Get a free no obligation quote from John Hurt Environmental Services.

Integrity / Hydrostatic Testing

This is used to identify any water leaks in the drainage system. The pipeline will need to be plugged at both ends then filled with water, one section at a time. It will then show any faults in the system. Once the test is complete, a full report will be sent to the client showing the location of manholes, access junctions and inlets along with a drawing. It ascertains how many drainage systems are in place and the direction of flow.

Contact John Hurt Environmental Services today for more information.

Odour Tracing

Odour tracing can be very frustrating to locate because the smell can disappear and then return after a while. John Hurt Environmental Services use odour tracing equipment to detect the location where the smell is coming from. This equipment pumps smoke into the system which then shows the area where the problem occurs. Once the problem is traced then it can be solved.

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" Thanks for an amazing speedy service to Malahide today.The neighbours waited two weeks while I was away and one hour after I called you, you were on site that lunch time and soon after job sorted. "

Eoghan Liston Malahide

" These lads are mighty! Had all the gear to clean up a sewer spill in me apartment."

Joey Wilks Tallaght Dublin 24

" These lads are mighty! Had all the gear to clean up a sewer spill in me apartment."

Joey Wilks Tallaght Dublin 24

Should you require any of above services call now we are here to assist you as you require. 


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