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Drain Repairs, Grease Management & CCTV Inspections

Commercial Drain Services

At John Hurt Environmental Services, we provide a wide range of commercial and business drain unblocking and repair services to our customers based throughout Cavan and Dublin. We have a team of fully qualified, highly skilled staff that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We take pride on the quality and efficiency of our work and we aim to deliver the very best service and customer experience possible at all times. At John Hurt Environmental Services, we consistently hold ourselves to the highest industry standards that we have become known for. The safety of our employees and our customers is our main concern and we ensure that all necessary precautions are taken. All work is carried out by John Hurt Environmental Services’s highly trained, qualified, and experienced team members.


The commercial drain maintenance in Dublin, Cavan and Meath provided by John Hurt Enviromental includes; grease trap cleaning, grease trap emptying, grease release unit cleaning, liquid waste management, commercial drain unblocking, drain odor detection, commercial drain jetting and contract drain maintenance.

Our commercial drain services include:

  • Emergency Call-Outs

  • Drain Cleaning

  • Drain Unblocking

  • Water Jetting

  • CCTV Inspections

  • Grease Traps

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Site Tracing & Drain Mapping

  • Integrity/Hydrostatic Testing

  • Pipeline Investigations & Repairs

  • Grease Management

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Drain Repairs

At John Hurt Environmental Services, we have invested in state of the art no-dig technology which allows us to complete all repair works without digging. This mean reduced costs, high quality results and little to no disruption of your business or commercial premises. This no-dig technology is highly effective and can be used to carry out repairs on any part of the underground drainage system and pipeline.


Drain repairs carried out by John Hurt Enviromental include; no dig repairs, Full length pipe relining, patch repair lining, manhole rehabilitation, manhole sealing, lateral joint sealing, top hat system, robotic cutting, intrusion cutting, root cutting and concrete cutting


Grease Management

John Hurt Environmental Services has recently teamed up with ACO in the UK to supply, fit and maintain all grease management systems in Ireland. Grease management is a major issue in Ireland and grease traps are required in every commercial kitchen and food preparation areas. These units separate fats, oils and grease from waste water, giving the results of no more blockages in pipes caused by FOG.


grease maninteance carried out by John hurt enviromental includes; grease trap emptying, grease disposal, grease trap cleaning, grease trap servicing, grease trap inspection

High Pressure Water Jetting

High Pressure Water Jetting

Our vacuum systems can complete work requiring vacuum in areas such as tanks, septic tanks, gullies, sumps and bungs. Our jetting system with higher pressure allows us complete the jetting clean of pipes systems for CCTV access and de-silting of pipelines, septic tanks, grease traps, chambers, silt traps, gullies all of which are just some of the areas we vacuum and jet.


High pressure water jetting carried out by john hurt enviromental inlcudes; pipe cleaning, grease removal, scale removal and pipe cleaning.

CCTV Inspections

John Hurt Environmental Services uses cutting edge CCTV equipment in order to provide a thorough inspection of all drainage networks. In our dedication to innovation and customer service we continuously stay abreast of the latest drain inspection technologies & training to ensure you get that professional result. Upon completion, a member of our skilled team can provide a WRC report clearly outlining our findings and the conclusions we have drawn.


  • Survey from 25mm pipes to 2000mm pipes

  • Survey 250m from one location

  • Survey lateral pipes

  • CCTV Pipe Tracing

  • Wrc approved reports

  • Wrc coded trained technicians

  • OSX 19/30

  • AutoCad Technicians

John Hurt Environmental Services

Preventive Maintenance

We complete preventative maintenance works on all types of drains from sink drains and urinals to rain gullies and chambers. We offer packages to suit a variety of specifications and budgets. Maintenance works are recommended in order to keep your drains working properly and prevent potential and costly issues from arising. Our maintenance service is fast and efficient and can be completed at a time to suit you & your business.


All preventataive maintenance services provided by John Hurt Environmental include; Drain cleaning, Drain Servicing, Drain mainteance and all other preventive maintenance drainage services

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Site Tracing & Mapping

Site tracing and mapping is carried out to verify the existing location of your waste water network and drainage system. This information is then used to design a site plan. This is done when someone is planning to build an extension or even for pre tender verification. Once complete we will then provide you with a set of drawings to show the path of your drains and pipes.


site mapping and tracing services available from John Hurt environmental includes: full map design, manhole tracing, drainage tracing, area tracing, site tracing, site mapping, sewage tracing, layout mapping and all other mapping and tracing services in Cavan, Monaghan, Dublin and all other areas throughout ireland


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Road Drainage & Gully Cleaning

Our Vacuum systems can complete works requiring vacuum in areas such as tanks, septic tanks Gullies, Sumps and Bunds. Our Jetting system with higher pressure allow us complete the Jetting clean of pipes systems for cctv access and de silting of pipelines.

Septic tanks, grease traps, chambers, silt traps, gullies are just some of the areas we vacuum and Jet.

No Dig Drainage/Pipe Repairs

Some problems with your drains go beyond a simple blockage. Our skilled, professional drain repair teams are available to carry out all drain repairs ranging from minor repairs such as replacing a gully or manhole cover up to and including the renovation or replacement of your entire drainage system.

Rest assured, John Hurts Team are experts with nearly 20 years local experience, and you can be confident that we will get the job done to the highest standards

Manhole Bund Rehabilitation

Aging sewer and tank system infrastructure is a problem facing water authorities across the country. Manhole deterioration is one of the many issues that needs to be addressed, with more and more emphasis being placed on rehabilitating these assets rather than rebuilding. To meet industry needs, John Hurt have developed an innovative solution to make rehabilitation fast and affordable. Working with the best chemical suppliers we have all our team fully trained and certified to complete rehabilitation works.

Vermin Controls

We offer multiple solutions to vermin issues. We can supply and install solutions to your network and rectify issues causing vermin entering where they shouldn’t.
Contact us directly to discuss your issues

Commercial Drains FAQs

  • How often do grease traps need to be cleaned?

    As a general rule, grease traps should be cleaned every three months. However, this will vary depending on how busy the kitchen is and how much grease is produced. Frequencies can range from monthly to semi-annually.

  • My restaurant has a blocked drain. What do I do?

    For any blocked drain queries contact John Hurt Environmental as soon a possible. If it is an emergency we will have a team member with your immediately. For all non-emergency situations we can have somebody on site within 24 hours.

  • What can a CCTV drain survey be used for?

    CCTV drain inspections can be used for multitudes of reasons. The most common is for condition assessments. The cameras will accurately identify any issues in the drains like damaged joints, cracks, or obstructions and blockages. We can use the information to carry out quick repairs.

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