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Industrial Drain Services

John Hurt Environmental Services, provides a vast range of industrial drain unblocking and repair services to our customers based throughout Cavan and Dublin. Our fully qualified and highly skilled team operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We take great on the quality and efficiency of our work and at John Hurt Environmental Services we aim to deliver the very best service and customer experience possible. We strive to complete all work to the high industry standards that we have become known for while ensuring and maintaining the safety of our employees and our customers. All team members here at John Hurt Environmental Services are highly qualified, experienced individuals and they receive ongoing training.

Our industrial drain services include:

  • Emergency Call-Outs

  • Drain Cleaning

  • Drain Unblocking

  • Water Jetting

  • CCTV Inspections

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Site Tracing & Drain Mapping

  • Integrity/Hydrostatic Testing

  • Certifications

  • IPPC Licencing

  • Pipeline Investigations & Repairs

  • Grease Management

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Pipeline Inspection & Repair

John Hurt Environmental Services can repair your pipe if it's damaged or in need of repair, where it shows leaking or open joints, root intrusions, etc. In order to find the fault, we will run a CCTV survey to locate the precise area that's damaged and then get our in pipe specialist to install a part liner/patch to resolve the issue without disturbing the ground. This solution is acceptable to all local authorities, surveyors, architects, civil engineers and all other professional services.

John Hurt Environmental Services

Environmental Spill Flood Response

From water flooding to environmental waste clean up, we have a range of equipment and trained engineers to deal with the situation in hand, discreetly and environmentally safe.

Confined Space Entry

Contact our team for more information on our entry procedures to complete repairs or cleaning

Integrity Testing

Along with pipeline inspection companies, are facing increasing pressure from regulatory authorities (EPA) environmental groups to guarantee pipeline tank & network integrity.
However, their challenge is to have these assets inspected properly, we know and learnt that pipelines been in service are important to our customers, we work with them to ensure accurate planning and completion of our works suit yours.
John Hurt Environmental offers a nationwide easy, fast, and accurate solution for pipelines, tanks, bunds, sump pits, chambers, manholes for integrity assessment

Building Drainage Supply & Installation

We at John Hurt supply install & maintain a full range of building drainage products from symphonic systems to channel drainage and access covers. Contact our team for more information to your needs.


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IPPC Licencing

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Industrial Drains FAQs

  • How do you carry out a pipeline inspection?

    We use CCTV technology for the majority of our pipeline inspections. The CCTV cameras are operated remotely and proved us with unbridled access to the pipeline so we can thoroughly inspect the condition of the pipes and assess what repair works are necessary.

  • When is hydrostatic testing required?

    Integrity testing or hydrostatic testing is used to test for faults in a pipeline or drainage system. It can also be used after repair works have taken place in order to test if the pipes have been repaired efficiently and will work at maximum capacity once the system is turned back on.